WLT (WHDC’s Leadership Training )

WHDC’s Leadership Training (WLT) is a training enabling you to become an official trainer of WHDC who can lead WHDC seminars globally.

The world needs more leaders who can guide others in the desired direction.


Training to make you a global trainer for SP2, SP2K and SP2T
Duration: 1 year training program + 6 months internship
200 hours classroom training + 200 hours practical training

- Be a transformer and Professional trainer
- Learn the science of transformation
- Global exposure
- Make compassion your profession
- Effective public speaking

Training to make you a global trainer and Faculty for SM2 adults, SM2 and SM2K
Duration: 3 months training program + 3 months internship
100 hours classroom training + 100 hours practical training

- Build a fantastic career in the field of motivation
- Learn the art to lead small as well as huge group of audience
- Create intuitive powers
- Learn Human Design in Detail
- Effective public speaking