Super Power Projection Teens (SP2T) – 13 to 19 years

Super Power Projection for Teenagers

About the workshop

Super Power Projection (SP2T) workshop takes your Teenager way beyond their limitations. Numerous kids who have been reticent, shy and reserved have turned out to be youth with self confidence and positive attitude.

SP2T instills a sense of responsibility of their abundant power and energy and helps them channelize it for their own goals and achievements.

They are ready to take on the world head on.

Duration: 3 Days / 9 Hours Each OR 2 Days / 12 Hours Each
Age group: 13 years to 19 years
Fees: Rs.15000/- 

- Be Positive
- Remove Fear factor
- Boosts your Self Confidence
- Improve communication skills
- You learn to make quick Decisions
- Learn to Express Freely and Fully
- Harness your Potential and Skill sets
- Clear Confusions and Over Thinking
- Shed inhibitions & get rid of complexes
- Get rid of Depression, Frustrations, Stress and Anger.
- Build healthy Relations with Family, Friends, Relatives and Seniors