About the workshop

Super Power Projection (SP2) workshop helps you understand, realize and remove your unconscious mind so that your sub-conscious mind can work in full capacity.

SP2 has the power to shake the foundation of a man’s thoughts and preconceived notions. Thousands of People who have experienced SP2 say that it has been the Turning Point of their Life. SP2 makes you realize your strengths & Power. It teaches you to harness the power and project it to the fullest.

- Remove Stage Fear
- Be a Leader of your life
- Boost your Self Confidence
- Improve your Emotional Health
- Learn to Express Freely and Fully
- Clear Confusions and Over Thinking
- Enhance the power of your Decision Making
- Overcome Guilt, Negativity, Fears and Complexes
- Realize your own Potential and Skills and start utilizing them
- Get rid of the 4 Mental Explosives. i.e. Depression, Frustrations, Stress and Anger.
- Build healthy Relations with Family, Friends, Customers, Relatives and Authorities