SSW (Smart Student Workshop)

About the workshop:

A 2-days workshop to enhance your study skills. Learn few of the best techniques of Speed Reading, Speed Writing and Speed Maths. This workshop is mini version of our main study skills seminar SM2.
Main Topics covered in the workshop:

Quick Meditation and Concentration technique

Speed Reading Techniques:
We teach few of the best Speed Reading Techniques, practising that will help the students to read 60-100 pages in an hour!!

Speed Writing Techniques:
The Speed Writing technique boosts the child’s Writing Speed even under the pressure of recollecting information in Exams. Students can Recollect and Write in SPEED….

Speed Maths Techniques:
Smart Calculation Techniques to calculate Additions, Multiplications, Squares & much more in unimaginable SPEED!!! Calculate without a calculator and boost your Confidence as well as Save Time during Exams!

Duration: 2 days 6 hrs each
Age group: 5th Std. & above
Fees: Rs.2000/- 

- Read 60-100 pages in an hour!!!
- Make notes faster while listening to the teacher
- Develop your brain’s Speed and Capacity
- Read – Write – Calculate in SPEED!!!
- Save your valuable Time
- Increase your Knowledge base as you can read and write much faster

- Personalised Attention
- Participation Certificate Provided
- Practise Material Provided
- Qualified Trainers
- Lot of Practise of Students’ Text books during the workshop itself!
- Supportive, Encouraging and Energetic atmosphere.