SP2K (Super Power Projection Kids) – 7 to 12 years

What is SP2K ?

It is an amazing life changing workshop which enables your kid to project their complete power in life. It helps them realize and eliminate the obstacles that stunt their projection. It is very practical seminar and you will see the change in them during the course of the seminar.

It’s easier to build up a child Today,
than it is to repair an adult Tomorrow !

WHDC believes that every person is full of talent waiting to be discovered. We help them discover that “Extra-ordinary” within them. With so much of exposure, opportunities and competition around, rat-race has become an integral part and parcel of our life. We nurture them to express and utilize their potential to the fullest without compromising on values.

- Improve Alertness
- Control over Anger
- Enhance concentration
- Learn to Express Freely
- Remove fear of the Stage
- Boost your Self Confidence
- Turn into an Extraordinary Child


SP2 for 3 Age Groups :
Super Power Projection (SP2) – 20 years and above
Super Power Projection for Teens (SP2T) – 13 to 19 years
Super Power Projection for Kids (SP2K) – 7 to 12 years